My Schedule for CONvergence 2017!


I am happy to announce that my next convention will be CONvergence 2017 in sunny Minneapolis from July 6th through the 8th. This year, I have quite a few panels and am happy to announce my schedule today.

Thursday, July 6

3:30pm – 4:30pm DoubleTree Edina
Ready, Steady, Flash!
Four pro writers are given a phrase, around which they must each write a piece of flash fiction. Live, in front of the audience. They have 5 MINUTES in which to write it. At the end of each round the the audience votes on the best.
Panelists: Lee Harris, Paul Cornell, Joseph Scrimshaw, Monica Valentinelli, C. Robert Cargill

5:00pm – 6:00pm DoubleTree Atrium 4
It’s Been Written Before
Writing is hard. Many works fall back on the tropes and cliches that are common in the field. How do writers break out of those patterns, or at least freshen them up? Panelists: Emma Bull, John Seavey, Monica Valentinelli (mod), Jai Nitz, Lois McMaster Bujold

7:00pm – 8:00pm DoubleTree Plaza 1
Gaming as a Gateway Drug
How does gaming spur your interest in other topics? Did they get you into studying history, politics, technology or were you really going to pick up the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire for fun anyways?
Panelists: Kenneth Justiniano, Eric Zawadzki, Monica Valentinelli (mod)

Friday, July 7

2:00pm – 3:00pm DoubleTree Bloomington
Firefly At 15
Joss Whedon’s space western turns 15 this year. Is it shiny or would you toss it out an airlock? Come discuss the full canon: series, movie, and comics.
Panelists: Cetius d’Raven (mod), Mark Goldberg, Monica Valentinelli, Tex Thompson, Sean Berry

Saturday, July 8

2:00pm – 3:00pm DoubleTree Atrium 7
Why Dystopia is Not Dead
There is something about the dystopian/post-apocalyptic genre that keeps readers, TV, and movie fans coming back for more. What is it about the end of the world fiction that keeps us coming back? Is there an end in sight?
Panelists: Anthony Eichenlaub, J. Boone Dryden, Monica Valentinelli, George Miller (mod), Seanan McGuire

5:00pm – 6:00pm DoubleTree Bloomington
The Great Beyond: Discussing Death in Popular Culture
Is death in pop culture becoming more prevalent? If so, what does it mean for modern TV and film? What does it say about our times? Is this Joss Whedon’s fault? When is death used to best effect? Will a Marvel character ever stay dead?
Panelists: Emma Bull, Monica Valentinelli (mod), Jonah Rees, Gabriela Santiago, Justine Mastin, Emilie Peck

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Announcing The Gorramn Shiniest Dictionary in the ‘Verse

Gorramn Dictionary

I am pleased to announce that, this Spring, a new addition to the Firefly ‘Verse will be hitting store shelves. It’s called The Gorramn Shiniest Language Guide and Dictionary in the ‘Verse, and pre-orders are now available.

The process and the approvals for this project was much different than what I’ve done previously for Firefly. All of my effort was strongly focused on writing the text, which is different from being a developer on a multi-book project where I get to see the text, layout, and most of the art ahead of time. Here, I spent a lot of time analyzing the show scripts, reviewing the language, and focusing on the individual words–some of which had alternate spellings! Plus, there’s a special interview in here with Jenny Lynn, the show’s translator as well, and I got the chance to hear some great stories.

I’m hoping that fans like you will be amazed to get a new, inside look at what it’s like to be involved with Firefly from a language perspective, and fall in love with the ‘Verse all over again. Thanks to my editors at Titan–I had a blast on this project!

New Freebie for the Firefly RPG!

Interactive Crew and Ship

Hey! Don’t know if you heard the news, but we’ve added the Advancement Sheet to the free download of the Firefly RPG Interactive Crew and Ship Sheet. Download away!

The new Advancement Sheet also has a spot to track your Reputation dice ratings–part of the brand new rules introduced in the upcoming Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim! You can find out more about this upcoming sourcebook when you read the Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim Table of Contents.

Don’t forget! Things Don’t Go Smooth is available in PDF and was just released in stores, too. If you’re enjoying any of our releases, please help us out with a review. We all appreciate your feedback, comments, and kudos! Speaking of which, thanks to Megan for reviewing my Episode Friends in Low Places. She sums up her review by saying: “If quite intricate plots, villains to foil, choices to make and a few good brawls make a good game for you, this is one to take a look at.” Thanks!

Thank you for playing the game! Hope you enjoy this latest release for the Firefly RPG line. Shiny!

The Escapist Nominates the Firefly RPG as Game of the Year

Firefly RPG Front Cover

The recently released Firefly RPG does its job of making taking a ship and crew out into the black for misadventures and big damn heroics about as fun as you might want it to be. With some of the fastest fast-play rules in a recent RPG, and clever examples of play based on each individual episode of the TV show, you’ll be evading Reavers and plundering Alliance wrecks in no time. SOURCE: The Escapist 2014 Award Nominees

Want to give a shout-out to everybody who’s worked with me to make this game a reality (both past and present), to Margaret Weis for believing in me, and to the fans and reviewers for your support. It’s been a hell of a ride since I signed on in 2013. Besides the corebook, we’ve also released the GenCon 2013 Exclusive corebook preview, Echoes of War: Thrillin’ Heroics, and Things Don’t Go Smooth which is on sale at 25% off through Saturday. Just announced? Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim. I couldn’t do this without all of you! Thanks!

P.S. If you’re dying to know more about Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim, here’s my post about it!
P.P.S. Hopefully I did okay on this… Thank yous plus squeeing plus lots o’ info packed into this here post.
P.P.P.S. By my pretty blue bonnet, it didn’t take that long to slip into ‘Verse-speak. Oy.

The Lowdown on Things Don’t Go Smooth

Howdy, folks!

We are back from a fantastic GenCon 2014 where the Firefly RPG corebook debuted in print for the first time. As a special surprise, we also introduced Echoes of War: Thrillin’ Heroics, a compilation of four Episodes plus the Serenity Crew all in one fine book, and sold out of our copies. The response to our new game has been overwhelming—we are so thrilled you’re having fun.

Today, I’m happy to share with you a special status update on our second supplement, Things Don’t Go Smooth. Our fabulous layout artists are currently making our text look all pretty before we send it off to approvals and our printer. We expect this supplement will be a Q4 release.

What’s in it? Things Don’t Go Smooth is primarily geared for GMs and focuses on Antagonists—those pesky varmints the Crew encounters during an Episode. There are heaps of GMCs in this book ranging from individual opponents to horrors out in the black. Plus, we’ve added a few more tools for you to ensure your Crews’ll be performing even more thrillin’ heroics.

Take a peek at our Table of Contents to see what we’ve got in store for you!

  • Chapter 1: Introducin’ Heaps of Trouble – Includes a general overview of what an Antagonist is and an overview of what’s in the supplement.
  • Chapter 2: Spies and Crime Bosses – Antagonists found in the Firefly RPG range from small operators to big time crime bosses. Five of our thirteen Antagonists are devoted to this important character type, and the folk they boss around.
  • Chapter 3: Rival Crews and Gangs – The rival crews featured in this chapter are lead by four, unique Major GMCs. Those characters are accompanied by a strong, supporting cast of Minor GMCs and Extras.
  • Chapter 4: The Unexplained and Other Varmints – This chapter introduces some of the weirdest Antagonists a Crew’s likely to meet in the ’Verse. The four characters in The Unexplained and Other Varmints are all manner of strange. If you want to know how we handle Reavers in our game, you’ll find that information in this chapter.
  • Chapter 5: Enemy Boats – To fly from one system to the next, any petty thief will beg, borrow, and snitch for a good boat. In this chapter, you’ll find new rules for all kinds of ship classes and new boats.
  • Chapter 6: Scheming and Narratin’ – In addition to advice on handlin’ Antagonists, you’ll read more about handling combat at your table, learn new ideas to build towns and cities throughout the ’Verse, balance Crewmember Advancement, and delve into new rules for scene and location triggers.
  • Chapter 7: Merciless – To round out Things Don’t Go Smooth, you’ll find a pair of Episodes. Merciless takes place in a museum on Ariel. It’s the perfect heist to introduce scene and location triggers and test drive a shiny new Antagonist!
  • Chapter 8: Thieves in Heaven – A high-level conspiracy is the theme of this here Episode. Thieves in Heaven gives you the opportunity to narrate a darker side of the ’Verse, and introduce complex Antagonists and moral dilemmas.
  • Appendix – Last but not least, the Appendix provides you with a new FAQ that clarifies the rules and compiles the Distinctions found in this here book, too. You’ll also get your hands on a shiny new GMC template GMs can use to build out Major GMCs, Minor GMCs, and Extras.

Thanks again for all your support and love for this game. Keep flyin’!

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