Please note: publications are listed in reverse chronological order and are only available from 2005 forward.

Short Stories and Flash Fiction

Original Work

    “Mythica D’Argent: Treatise Pertaining to the Mysterious of Silver”, The Dagon Collection, 2019, PS Publishing
    “From an Honest Sister, to a Neglected Daughter”, Sisterhood: Dark Tales and Secret Mysteries, 2019, Chaosium Publishing
    “My Name is Cybernetic Model XR389F, and I am Beautiful”, 2018, Uncanny Magazine
    “Furies (Three of a Kind)”, GODS, MEMES, AND MONSTERS, 2015, Stone Skin Press
    “The Button”, WE ARE DUST stories inspired by Our Last Best Hope RPG, 2012, Magpie Games
    “Bored to Fu”, THE LION AND THE AARDVARK, 2012, Stone Skin Press
    “Fangs and Formaldehyde,” NEW HERO Volume 1, 2012, an anthology from Stone Skin Press
    “Tomorrow’s Precious Lambs,” EXTREME ZOMBIES, 2012, Prime Books (Reprint)
    “Tailfeather”, APEXOLOGY: Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2011, Apex Publications (Out Of Print)
    “Curse of the Yellow Bunny Rabbit”, THE CREEPY COTTONTAIL game aide, 2011, FR Press
    “Lady Yellowbird and the Flight of the Sad Panda”, 2011, Self-Published.
    “Prey”, re-published February 2008,


    TBA, 2019, Onyx Path Publishing
    TBA, 2019, Onyx Path Publishing
    TBA, 2019, Onyx Path Publishing/Pugsteady
    “Only the Strongest has the Heart of a Wizened Queen”, Proving Grounds card game, 2019, Renegade Games
    “Redder Than Red”, ENDLESS AGES for Vampire: The Masquerade, 2016, Onyx Path Publishing
    “Suffering of the Unchosen”, TALES OF THE DARK ERAS, 2016, Onyx Path Publishing
    “My Enemy, Mi Amici”, DRAWING DESTINY: A Sixth World Tarot Anthology, 2016, Catalyst Game Labs
    Interstitial In-Character Prose, MORTAL REMAINS for Hunter: the Vigil, 2014, Onyx Path Publishing
    “Don’t Ignore Your Dead”, DON’T READ THIS BOOK, a Don’t Rest Your Head RPG anthology, 2012, Evil Hat Productions
    Gangrel Storyline, 2011, PATHS OF STORYTELLING for Vampire: the Masquerade, White Wolf Publishing. Available in PDF, Kindle and ePub.
    “Promises, Promises”, WHITE WOLF QUARTERLY, for Promethean, Spring 2007, White Wolf Publishing

Anthology Editor

    THE CAINITE CONSPIRACIES, Vampire: The Masquerade Dark Ages 20th Anniversary Edition, 2016, Onyx Path Publishing
    UPSIDE DOWN: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling, 2016, Apex Publications

Novels & Novellas



Media Tie-In


    “Last Man Zombie Standing,” Unfashioned Creatures, A Frankenstein Anthology, Summer 2013, Red Stylo Media


    Varney The Vampire Literary Re-mix, 2012, GalleyCat (Grand Prize Winner)
    “Prey”, 2005, MirrorMask Competition (Honorable Mention)

Fiction was originally published on Monica Valentinelli

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